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About us

   Aysan Ambalaj ve Plastik Sanayi Ticaret Ltd.Şti. was established with a New Generation insight on the principles of education, future technologies, and innovative thinking; the company aims to provide services to the customers with consistent and high quality and in light of the latest developments in the sector, with modern, innovative, dynamic, and fast solutions, and it achieved success in a short time.

   Company aims to produce high-grade products of world-class quality with an annual capacity of 5500 tons.We engage with our clients in packaging solutions with our precise manufacturing and our 6000 m2 closed area, as well as the newest technology in our business.In our industry, we actively follow and react to international developments.With our dynamic solutions, we offer our customers with cost-effective and advantageous alternatives.

   Since our establishment, we always worked to fulfill our customers' needs and provide alternative products through the improvement of technology, knowledge, and a constantly expanding product portfolio. In the light of our knowledge, experience and innovative approach, we have a strong position in the industry with our high quality products.

Our Aim

.We aim to add value to our country and the whole world by increasing employment and our sustainable growth.

.We aim to increase our foreign market share and contribute to the development of our country by exporting our products.

.We aim to develop new and alternative products by using our connections with the world and with our new generation way of thinking.

.With the new products we have developed, we aim to increase our product range and provide a better and faster service to our customers.

.In addition to developing new products for market needs, with the research we do in our R&D center, we also aim to develop the products we currently produce in the light of new technologies.

.With our recycling and environmental policy, we aim to minimize waste and to increase environmental awareness.

.We have adopted the principle of learning from the changing world with the pandemic and adapting quickly to new developments. With this principle, we aim to produce sustainable and adaptable to different and new conditions.

Our Strong Sides

In an integrated way with the world, we carry out innovative production in our state-of-the-art extruders with the technical knowledge and new generation thinking style offered to us by our education. Today, we can quickly respond to new needs and requirements in the flexible packaging industry. We contribute to our country and the world with our technical analysis and product development studies in our R&D centers. Thanks to our customers who prefer us with our environmental policies, we increase environmental awareness and sensitivity. As Aysan Ambalaj, with our experienced, expert and up-to-date knowledge team, we are not content with the current but always aiming for the future to strengthen the competition in the sector.

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