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Layflat Tubing

Regardless of the standard bag dimensions, layflat tubing can be cut to the desired dimensions and packaging can be created according to any desired dimension. Thanks to this feature, your products fully comply with the package content and you will save on excess packaging costs. You can easily prepare your products in a short time by placing your products in to the endless roll, cutting and sealing to the desired size.


  • Thickness
    50 mic. - 300 mic.
  • Protection
    Safely protects your products against dirt, dust, moisture and other external factors.
  • Strength
    High puncture and high tear resistant.The thickness changes according to the load to be carried and the desired tear resistance.Thicker products have higher tear strength.
  • Color
    The desired colored layflat tubing can be manufactured.
  • Printing
    Flexo printing can be done on the films
  • Ready to Use
    With its easy use, save your time while packing your products.

  • Sustainablity

    Made from environmentally friendly 100% recyclable plastic.

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