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Courier Bag

Courier bags are essential for transporting your goods safely and rapidly to the customer. Your goods are wrapped with self-adhesive tape and cannot be opened without being damaged. This manner, you can ship your goods with confidence and send them to any location in the country or abroad.

  • Production Technology
    Produced using the most recent Co-ex technology.
  • Printing
    Our goods can be printed using the flexo printing according to your preferences.
  • Pocket Option
    Production options with or without pockets are available. You may attach documents such as invoices, waybills, and notes to the courier bag pocket.
  • Strength
    Because of the high strength of our courier bags, the products inside are resistant to external elements like dust, rain, and so on.
  • Color
    Various color options are available.
  • Safe
    Superior quality tapes are used in our products, the packaging is not opened without being harmed, and the product is carefully preserved in the package.
  • Sustainablity
    Our courier bags are environmentally friendly and made of 100% recyclable plastic.

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