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Aysan Ambalaj, together with its employees, has adopted the sustainable future and clean environment model and aimed to raise the awareness of social responsibility and environmental awareness to the highest level since the day it was founded.

Our company hopes aims, that present and future generations look to the future with confidence, by leaving a clean nature and a livable environment to the younger generations and future generations.

With this purpose, we make a point of protecting the environment and nature with our fully recyclable products and products produced with organic materials.

With our state-of-the-art recycling line, we melt our waste and the wastes we collect and turn them into granules again. In this way, we greatly reduce our consumption of raw materials produced from petroleum. In addition, we reduce the damage to the environment by re-incorporating every plastic we produce into our structure by recycling, saving raw materials and energy.

Aysan Ambalaj adopts the principles of the UN Global Compact on global warming and carbon emissions as its own policy.

Efficient use of energy resources, environmentally friendly policies, human-oriented approach and sustainable business policies are among the most important and sensitive targets of our company. We believe that our understanding of a safer and cleaner future will bring us closer to our goals every day, and we are hopeful for a safe future.


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