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Bag With Handle

 With its ergonomic design, it does not tire the hand and can be used comfortably. Thanks to its superior quality and high strength, it is not easily torn and helps the goods to be transported safely. It is economical because it is light, thin and small.



  • Strength
    Üstün kalite ve yüksek mukavemeti sayesinde kolayca yırtılmaz ve eşyaların güvenle taşınmasına yardımcı olur.
  • Economy
    It is economical because it is light, thin and small
  • Color 
    Different color options are available
  • Printing
    Our products can be produced as printed with flexo printing technique in line with your request
  • Technology
    Our products are produced with high capacity and latest technology
  • Sustainability
     With its 100% recyclable feature, it is environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly

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