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With our state-of-the-art Blown COEx extrusion machine lines at our facility, we supply products with high quality standards to our customers. Multi-layer laminated films are produced using the necessary raw ingredients and additives on our CO-Ex extrusion lines. As a result, we can develop more durable and high-quality items. The films can be printed up to 6 different colors.


Blown Film Extrusion Method

- With the blown extrusion method, the plastic film is produced vertically by inflating with high pressure air.

- The molten polymer enters an annular die head and is inflated with high pressure air to form a plastic balloon.

- After exiting the die, the balloon, still in the plastic state, is pulled upwards by the pinch rollers

- Compressed air is blown into the film to obtain the desired film thickness and width. The chilled air is blown inside of the balloon by the IBC (internal cooling system).

- After cooling, the film approaches the nip rollers and the balloon is gradually flattened.

- The flattened balloon now turns into a film. Film is transported to inline cutters and nip rollers at the bottom of the line.

- In the winding section, the film is sliced according to the desired size and wrapped in the desired length.

- On request, the film can be divided into two in the winding section and wrapped as a single layer (sheet).


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