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Shrink Film

This is widely used in the packaging of goods like as drinks and water, as well as glass, wood, and metal.

Shrink films shrink with heat treatment and strongly wrap the goods, enabling goods to be safely packed and delivered to the consumer quickly and economically.

Our company produces shrink films at a low price and with high quality standards.

Shrink film manufacture can be customized to customers preferences.


  • Film Width
    15cm - 150cm
  • Film Thickness 
    25mic - 200mic
  • Color 
    The desired color film can be manufactured
  • Printing 
    Flexo printing can be done on the films.
  • Printing 
    UV and antistatic additives can be added to the film.
  • Surface
    It is available in three textures: transparent, matte, and gloss.
  • Sustainabilty
    Made from environmentally friendly 100% recyclable plastic.

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